Exhibitor information

Just like traditional exhibitions, Jewellex365 provides you with your own space to display your goods, services and special offers to the industry, in an always-on, 365 platform. 

Exhibitors are able to:

  • Create and customise their public profile with your log and a graphic header image so you’re instantly recognisable to visitors.
  • Display up to 250 products and have them visible to all buyers within their respective categories as well as easily discoverable in product search. 
  • Upload your important documents such as; order forms, product catalogues and more
  • Make announcements, share news and offer product/service specials viewable in the community news feed.
  • Allow buyers to contact you directly or send an enquiry to you via the site.



In order to register, we will need the following information. 

  • Personal Details
  • Company details
    • Company Name
    • Company registration number
    • Physical Address
  • Proof of company details: CK document, Vat Certificate etc.   (PDF, WORD, JPG)

Register as an exhibitor

Exhibitor registration is subject to company verification and approval. Subscription fees apply upon approval.

Register as a buyer

Buyer registration is subject to company verification and approval. Buyer registration is free